An Open Letter to a Broken Heart

To those hurt by a first Love,
This letter is to all those who have gone through a difficult pain of being hurt by a first love. Love is an undying thing, it is something that you will constantly find, however there are times where it will be hard to bounce back from a love that you have lost or a love that has hurt you.
Love is not something that you get from just a significant other but also from family members, friends, etc. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Maybe that love was one of the purest things you have ever felt because that is what love is about it is not two people looking at each other but two people looking in the same direction. However, maybe that love that you yearned for so intently was something that put you through pure hell. Love is something you should look forward to because holding your significant others hand is a wonderful feeling, but you should not be scared when your significant other raises their hand at you in anger, because that should not be a situation in which anyone should ever have to go through.
We look for love because we feel it is an integral part of our journey into adulthood, but is “love” really something we should have our sights on so intently? Love will always be there and it will always be something that hopefully you look forward to, love should not be fear or desperation, but instead should be smiles and working together to grow together and build each other up.
Manuela Gonzalez


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