As soon as I read the first sentence it hit me that not all people grow up in home with supportive, and caring family members.  That sentence made me pensive and question why so many people are dealt a bad hand in life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Shame, I thought Gregory made some very interesting points, and made his experiences very relatable. There were a few lines that I gravitated to while reading, the first, “I think I went to school then mostly to look at her,” this line caught my attention because for many people your first love is never forgotten, it is something that can bring you many memories of happiness but also for some it brings about a sense of pain. Gregory wrote, “ Everybody’s got a Helene Tucker, a symbol of everything you want,” he has a point everybody has that person at one point or another in their life where that person means everything to them, and losing them could destroy you. We as human beings have a need to be social, it is something that we must do, it is very difficult to be alone, we are constantly craving the presence of another person in our lives. A “Helene,” is someone that you cannot stop thinking about, they are the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you fall asleep. You would do anything for your “Helene.”

            I have had many moments in my life that for most people would consider questionable or regrettable, however I choose not to regret most things in my life because at one point or another that action or choice of words made me happy. When I think of shame I think of a regret. I have only ever regretted one thing in my life, and that is not wanting to be in school. It is not that I do not enjoy the school experience, I just do not believe it is necessary for many people. I believe that there are many ways to learn through experiences outside of a classroom, I believe you can gain more knowledge about actually working with whatever field you wish to enter into instead of sitting down in a classroom and listening to someone else’s experiences. It shames me that I do not have a greater urge to be in school, and it shames me even more because it is a huge disappointment to my parents.


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