While reading “Two Ways to Belong in America,” I resonated with this story personally, because both of my parents are immigrants, they left Colombia to come and find a better life for themselves, and my boyfriend who is also from Colombia is a resident, so I know and understand the fears of immigration or of your visa ending. I do believe that there are only two ways to belong in America, either you are a full citizen and do as you please or you’re not a citizen, you may be a resident or here with a visa, or illegal, and all of those result in fear. You cannot go to the airport and feel safe because of customs keeping you a little longer to answer question, you live in fear of never truly being accepted in the United States that really is not so “United.” Mira and her sister came to the U.S. to find a better life, and education, and then to return home to India, but while they were here in the U.S. they realized all they could achieve and the life where they could make all of their own decisions. Isn’t that what the United States is about, your freedom?


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