Analyze the Issue

Analyzing the Issue

            People go about life in a way that is simple and quick. We treat life as though it were a game, and there are many game pieces that go along with that game. Some of those components are love, money, happiness, etc. The game piece that is most commonly played with is Love. What is love? Is it a feeling or a choice? Or is love something that we relate to hope, because at the end of the day if you do not have love or hope what do you have? Most would consider love an integral part of their lives, but many believe that they will be hurt by this entity, however before you can love you must learn to trust.

            Today’s world is fixated on love, fixated on having love, fixated on finding, and conjuring up love, especially teenagers.  What is love? Love is the ultimate feeling, one of the most powerful emotions a human being can have. Love, unconditional love, is when you would take the shirt off your back to another person just so you can take care of them. Love is wanting better for someone. 

However, with the addition of social media “love” has become more of a relationship between two people and a hundred plus anonymous people hiding behind a screen. Every time we go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. and we post something online about our significant other, regardless of it being a cute picture or a status that reads something along the lines of, “It is funny how you think you would never get caught” or just straight bashing on your significant other. It is painful for the other to see, but something we do not take into consideration is the fact that not only is our significant other viewing these things but so are a handful of other people who will in fact add gasoline to the fire. While social media has come a long way, and has some positive aspects it is a very dangerous thing, because of occurrences such as cyber-bullying.

            We as human beings are social, we have a need to be surrounded by people, however with the addition of social media, humans have forgotten what it is to actually be social, what it means to actually spend time with people and not just over the phone. Unfortunately now a days we have forgotten what that is especially with upgrades on our phones such as facetime, we consider facetiming someone spending time with them because you can do things together over the phone.

            Unhealthy relationships do not just depend on social media, we need to get this clear, it comes from one of the two parties in the relationship trying to hurt the other party regardless of it being physical or emotional abuse. Abuse is abuse, regardless of the type of abuse. There are a couple of things that can determine whether or not someone is in an abusive relationship. Some of the characteristics are being controlling, isolating the other person away from their friends and families in order to keep a close eye on them and to make sure they are not doing something they should not. Some other signs are of course physical marks on the person where they have bruises and scars and any other sign of mistreatment, and then there is verbal abuse where they will bring you down as much as they can and make you feel as though you are nothing and could never amount to anything without them. A relationship is not about that and should never be about that. A relationship is something that allows you to bring each other closer and build and grow together, something that you do not need to depend on but you can if you need to. A relationship is something you can look forward to and look at the other person and think to yourself, “wow, I am so lucky to be able to spend this time with you,” and someone that you can see spending your entire life with.

            Being in an unhealthy relationship is like being stuck in a room full of hundreds of people smoking and there are no windows and no doors to find an escape, it is like slowly filling your lungs with smoke until you cannot breathe, until you are suffocating.

            A relationship has many ups and downs, however, that is all a part of being in a relationship. A relationship is not simple and it never will be simple because there are always obstacles you need to get through, but it will be worth it because you are going through these obstacles together. That is what a relationship is about it is about working hard together and doing absolutely the most for them.

            Love is difficult and when someone feels the need to hurt not only the relationship but also you is disastrous, and quite detrimental. Love should never be about having to worry if the other person is going to hurt you or bring you down or worry and obsess over what the other person is doing if they are not with you.  


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