Identify the Issue

The Truth About “Love”

            Ann Landers once said, “Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is a quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” Initially love is possibly one of the most important and influential things in this world yet one of the scariest circumstances, people are constantly in search for someone to complete them, most would say that it is a struggle going through all the ups and downs, but at the end of the day once you find that someone you never want to let them or that exhilarating feeling go; however, if that love ever goes bad it can go downhill very quickly, being in love that has gone sour can really destroy a person and make them never come out of it.

            At a young age one of the first things someone is given is love, growing up one sees their parents showing affection and being selfless. When one begins to grow up we begin to yearn for someone else to love us, a partner, someone you can see a future with. When one sees that all you begin to think about is how bad you want that with someone, how bad you want to grow and build and go through the good and bad together. Teenagers are so desperate to find love that majority of the time the “relationships” that actually take place are “phone relationships.” Teenagers grow up with knowing what love is and know what love feels like, because of their parents their parents are constantly showing their children love and parents never question if their love is real when the kids say “I love you” to their mother or father. But once they, the teenagers get into a relationship the parents demean their relationships as a silly little fling something that will not last. However, the first love of someone is something very strong and very important. Love is everything to a person regardless of age, especially the first love because it can determine the kind of person you are when you are in a relationship. (Kalish.)

            Love is a fickle thing it is constantly changing and people are constantly changing their ways and behaviors. And now because of phones and technology it makes it that much easier to cause harm and pain, and uncertainty of how someone actually views you and where you stand in the relationship. When you see the words and not just hear them it sticks with you longer because you can constantly view it and it is like a stamp or a tattoo that has been imprinted into your memory. Abusive relationships are difficult because sometimes the person does not ever realize that the relationship that they are in is in fact an abusive relationship they just think its love and that everyone struggles with a similar situation, but if your significant other is hurting you and I do not mean physically I also mean emotionally and constantly making you question or gives you fear of doing a normal every day act then something is truly wrong and seeking help is a must. (Abusive).

            In life we all want something, we all want someone to share memories with and grow and build with, but sometimes that person that we do the most for is not the person we should be with or the person we need in our lives.


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