Recover from an Unhealthy Relationship Manifesto

·       Step out of your comfort zone. Try new things, go out into the world and do one thing that scares you every day.

·       Allow yourself to be happy, go out and do things for yourself, and do not regret anything because you need to start doing things to branch out and do things you could not do before.

·       Focus on the positive aspects on your life and leave the negative aspects behind. Surround yourself in the energy you wish to give off, make new friends and spend more time with your family.

·       Identify yourself, identify who it is you wish to be and how you could improve yourself.

·       Life has so much to offer, so many different opportunities, get a job or a hobby that will keep you busy and happy.

·       Let your family and friends in when you are having a rough time, when you are most vulnerable, allow someone to talk to you and help you through this rough time.

·       Build trust with not only yourself but with others around you. You cannot love yourself or allow yourself to love others without trust first.

·       Focus on yourself and your goals, better yourself to be the most successful you that you can be.